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Deepen your connection with yourself as part of the community in a unique way. 


 Through  Courage, Connection, Collaboration, Communication & Cultivation, we'll guide you to love yourself and to be the best version of yourself!

Recordings of all sessions will be available.
Recordings of all sessions will be available


Friday, April 8

3pm CET | 6.30pm IST | 6am PST

Welcome & Opening Ceremony

Introduction by organisers

3.30pm CET | 7pm IST | 6.30am PST

Panel - Redefining Motherhood: Jelena Djokovic, Ida Prester, Pien Oosterman, Erica Ballard, Laura Blumenthal

At our opening panel “Redefining Motherhood” we will explore our creative potential as women that is not related only to parenthood. We will discover together how to channel our motherly energy into creativity, and how to step into abundance.

5.30pm CET | 9pm IST |8.30am PST

Talk - Womanhood and Speciesism: Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA

Motherhood is not exclusive to mankind. Some of the best moms in the world are found in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, the core concept of animal industry involves exploiting motherhood. It is time to realize our habits that include violence. 

6pm CET | pm 9.30IST | 9am PST

Celebrate Life through Conscious Dancing: Devi Mohan

Conscious Dancing is a highly effective guided dance meditation through free, unstructured dance. As a powerful technique of alignment, Conscious Dancing awakens the vertical dimension of being as the participant moves the body freely, keeping the attention within. 

7.30pm CET |11pm IST |10.30am PST

Music session: Kristin Hoffmann


Saturday, April 9

11am CET | 2.30pm IST | 2am PST

Panel - Overcoming traumas and blockages on the path of creation: Sanela Feković, Parizad Mazda, Suzy Singh

We are born with unlimited capacities but many women are faced with difficult experiences that bring traumas and cause blockages on their way of creating successful and purposeful life. In this panel we will speak about what are the most common types of trauma that women experience and how that affects their life.

1pm CET | 4.30pm IST | 4am PST

Short movie "LEA"

What happens when you distance yourself from your truth? Is it possible to heal and make a new mosaic out of your broken pieces? LEA is a short self-explanatory movie directed by Lea Kosovac. In the trauma healing process, every memory can be re-written if one takes a path of serving.

1.30pm CET | 5pm IST | 4.30am PST

Journey to Inner Garden - a guided process with Ivana Kalinić

Are you ready to explore your utmost feelings and impressions from the past? Ivana Kalinic, an MTM & MFMP practitioner will lead you through a Journey to Inner Garden. You will experience a deep process and be gently guided to face your deeply suppressed traumas while being supported to let go of them in an intimate, safe, and sheltered environment.  

4pm CET | 7.30pm IST | 7am PST

Talk - Divorce is normal: Shaswathi Siva

In this panel we will speak about stigma related to divorce, is divorce progressive or regressive. We will cover the factors one considers while taking up a decision like this, especially in the case of Indians as families are deeply involved. We will discuss why some women never take the right step, even if they suffer.

5pm CET | 8.30pm IST | 8am PST

Workshop - Tap into the power of the Feminine: Martina Tišljar

Tapping is a method that can help you tap into the layers of stories behind our limitations. We are all born with infinite potential, and sometimes we are not able to live that because we are struggling inside. Tapping can help us heal the cause of our pain and limitations.

6pm CET | 9.30pm IST | 9pm PST

Music session: Aklea Neon

Aklea Neon is a traveling musician from Croatia, one woman band and eco-conscious activist. She uses the life experiences she gained from traveling as an inspiration in her work. Our audience will have a chance to meet Aklea through her inspiring life story and her contagious afro sound and melodic vocals with matric ethno beats.


Sunday, April 10

9am CET | 12.30pm IST | 12am PST

Panel - Living your true potential: Ana Divac, Brenda Kali, Deepa Reddy

It is true that we were born with unlimited potential, but we need to build our success ourselves. And it is a bumpy ride. What do we need to achieve success, what role passion and vision play in it?

11am CET | 2.30pm IST | 2am PST

Workshop: Heal yourself with reflexology

In her workshop, Asja will teach us everything we need to know in order to use the ancient healing modality of Reflexology in our everyday life.

12pm CET | 3.30pm IST | 3am PST

Pursue your dreams at any age: Sangeeta S Bahl

Meet Sangeeta S Bahl, an amazing 57-year-old woman, who is India's oldest woman to conquer Mt Everest. She will share with us how determination, persistence and courage are important in the journey to reaching our dreams...and how she reached the top of the world!

1pm CET | 4.30pm IST | 4am PST

Open networking session

Connect with fellow attendees, share your journey and meet inspiring women from all around the world.

1.30pm CET | 5pm IST | 4.30am PST

Awaken the Goddess in You: Devi Mohan

During this deep process guided by Devi Mohan, you will be led on the path of inner cleansing, balancing and alignment with the highest aspect in you, the Goddess in you. Dive deep into your subconscious and embrace the gift of inner alignment and healing, a powerful call of awakening into your highest potential.

4pm CET | 7.30pm IST | 7am PST

Talk - Cooperation not competition: Deeksha Ahuja, Jelena Šribar

Many women believe they need to compete in order to win. But is this really true? What happens when women decide to support each other and cooperate instead of compete? How does solidarity make us stronger?

5pm CET | 8.30pm IST | 8am PST

Awakening of woman's vital energy: Ana Žikić Burtscher

"Awakening of woman's vital energy"- a theoretical lecture on female vital energy from the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine. Which organ and meridian systems, as well as bioactive vital points, are important for a woman for different stages of her life, periods of the year, menstrual cycle etc.

6pm CET | 9.30pm IST | 9am PST

Music session: Natalija Mejandzieva

7pm CET |10.30pm IST | 10am PST

Closing session

Recordings of all sessions will be available.
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Let's celebrate together!

Curated by women, for women. 

Festival of Womanhood
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