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Banner - Festival of Womanhood


Q. Who is this festival for?

Women from all walks of life and all categories, who dare to live their truth, become authentic, accept themselves fully and rise to their full potential

  • Women who choose to rise above the victimhood and perceived limitations rooted in the memories of abuse, assault, oppression, and any trauma of the past - through awareness and love

  • Women who want to feel more confident in all aspects of life (body, relationships, career, motherhood, etc.)

  • Women who want to be empowered to rise above limiting societal norms, stigma, prejudice, beliefs from the past that suppress the true potential of a woman 

  • Women who want to learn the tools of women empowerment 

  • Women who wish to feel truly alive 

Q. Is this strict women only?

Yes, this is a women only festival, organized for women, by women.

Q. What should I expect from the festival?

The Festival is planned as a 3-day event, starting on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday evening, with options to join any time, for a minimum of one day. 

At the Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to experience ancient healing processes and techniques, immerse themselves in guided meditations; participate in empowering talks and panel discussions with experts, as well as dance, spiritual practices in connection with nature, individual healing sessions, group experience sharing sessions and true spirit of Women Circles.  

Through various charitable activities, this event will be giving back to the world in its own unique ways. Any and all charitable activities we undertake will focus on the mother and the child. 

Q. When does the festival start and when does it end?

Festival starts on Friday, April 8th, at 3pm (CET) and will end on Sunday, April 10th, at 7 pm (CET).

Q. Will recordings of the online event be available?

Yes, all recordings of the event will be available. 

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