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About Festival of Womanhood

What if there was a completely fresh approach to the respect aspect, respect for womanhood?

A fresh new way to honor and respect women?




What we respect, we also protect. The World Womanhood Project is raising the stability of womanhood through a series of activities and events that bring lasting and meaningful transformation.

From 8th-10th April,  women of the world will come together because the value of womanhood, the importance of womanhood, across species, has to be re-established. When we transform and empower women of the world, the whole world will blossom through this change. They will join hands to empower women globally, in various ways.


The main topic to be addressed by The Festival of Womanhood in 2022, the first born event of The World Womanhood Project, is the aspect of MOTHERHOOD. What is the aspect of MOTHERHOOD indeed? 

It is CREATION at first; of a being, of a song, a book, a house and all creations of the world. 


It is the POWER that is within each and everyone of us, waiting to be awakened and be properly used. 

It is time to open up and embrace the change within ourselves. The change many of us have been yearning to happen for so long. 

What is the Festival of Womanhood about?

  • raising the awareness of womanhood, across the globe, for the sake of stability, continuity, compassion, kindness, and selflessness

  • redefining motherhood in a much wider aspect 

  • honoring woman who deliver unconditionally to the world

  • empowerment, support, healing, friendship and unity across the globe

  • celebrating the courage of women to open up in our vulnerability and freedom of heartfelt sharing

  • celebrating women who stand in their power, supporting one another unconditionally in the spirit of sisterhood

  • celebrating womanhood 

  • celebrating motherhood across species 

  • promoting ethical lifestyle


The Festival of Womanhood is a festival of women empowerment, cleansing, healing, joyous celebration of womanhood, with the higher purpose of uniting and supporting one another unconditionally across the globe.

- Devi Mohan

What is the purpose of this event?

Redefining the motherhood aspect, transformation and empowerment of women by helping them connect to themselves, heal the old wounds, unite and support one another, rising up in their power and higher potential.

What is unique?

This Festival aims to:

- redefine the motherhood aspect as known in modern society – for contemporary women who choose to be aligned with nature, holding space for one another to realize the essence of womanhood, the essence of motherhood, and the power of sisterhood. 

- to help participants to heal the trauma and release the blockages that prevent them from reaching their full potential. 

- to inspire and empower women to stand for themselves, embrace themself, love themself, dare to live their truth, and be authentic by sharing inspiring stories of women across the world and from all walks of life.

Who is this Festival for?

  • Women from all walks of life and all categories, who dare to live their truth, become authentic, accept themselves fully and rise to their full potential

  • Women who choose to rise above the victimhood and perceived limitations rooted in the memories of abuse, assault, oppression, and any trauma of the past - through awareness and love

  • Women who want to feel more confident in all aspects of life (body, relationships, career, motherhood, etc.)

  • Women who want to be empowered to rise above limiting societal norms, stigma, prejudice, beliefs from the past that suppress the true potential of a woman 

  • Women who want to learn the tools of women empowerment 

  • Women who wish to feel truly alive 

What is the goal?

  • Create a safe space for women to connect with themselves at a deeper level and leave the festival transformed and empowered, with new friendships, wisdom, practical solutions, and inspiration

  • Feel truly alive

  • Shine, blossom, live their full potential

  • Realize how powerful they are

  • Realize “I am unique and whole. I am unlimited“

Let's Celebrate Together!

Curated by women, for women. 

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