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Processes & Techniques at the event

Processes - Festival of Womanhood

Conscious Dancing

Would you try a technique that celebrates life?

By consciously dancing, we celebrate life in a very specific way.

Conscious Dancing is a highly effective meditation through a free, unstructured dance. As a powerful technique of balancing the chakras, Conscious Dancing awakens the vertical dimension of being while one dances with eyes semi-closed, fully focused within.

The blissful feeling that lasts for hours after conscious dancing is a sign of a true inner shift that is happening deep within us.

Awaken the Goddess In You


During this deep process guided by Devi Mohan, you will be led on the path of inner cleansing, balancing and alignment with the highest aspect in you,

the Goddess in you.

Dive deep into your subconscious and embrace the gift of inner alignment and healing, a powerful call of awakening into your highest potential.

Set a clear intention, directing your inner compass towards manifestation of abundance and deep fulfilment in all aspects of woman's life.

Processes - Festival of Womanhood
Processes - Festival of Womanhood

Journey to the Inner Garden


Let go of your deepest impressions from the past and open the door for your full potential during your Journey to the Inner Garden, led by Ivana Kalinic.

This subtle but powerful process will enable you to reconnect to your feminine strength within.

Clearing up space of suppressed memories from the past, opens doors for new potential and capacities that women have within. This technique will enable you to reconnect to your divine feminine aspect within.

Matrix Reimprinting
using EFT

This is an advanced technique created by EFT master and Hay House best-selling author Karl Dawson.

This technique combines epi-genetics and quantum science to create a rapid personal change. It is renowned in the world by its ability to transform traumatic memories from the past, creating extraordinary improvements in emotional and physical health.

The technique enables a release of traumatic experiences and creating new empowering patterns in

our energetic fields.

Processes - Festival of Womanhood
Processes - Festival of Womanhood

Aspect of Chinese Medicine and Acukin Concept

"Awakening of woman's vital energy"- a theoretical lecture on female vital energy from the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine. Which organ and meridian systems, as well as bioactive vital points are important for a woman: for different stages of her life, periods of the year, her menstrual cycle etc.


Practical meditative exercises of medical Qi Gong with daily synchronization (Acukin concept - alignment with the natural 13 Moons 28 Days Calendar , based on the sacred Mayan calendar).

 Angel Reading

Through angel readings we connect with Angels and spirit guides to receive important guidance and messages.


For every single person that’s a unique experience and it’s always deeply related to what’s most important to that person in that moment.


Angels are here to show us the way, to emphasize what we already “know” deep down. They’re here to help us connect to our own intuition, gentle reminders on what’s important, to give us guidance and advice on how to heal, how to come back to ourselves and how to create a powerful connection to divine.

Processes - Festival of Womanhood

Heal yourself with Reflexology

That which happens when we stimulate the reflex points on our feet, palms, face or earlobes is pure magic, says Asja. In her workshop, she will teach us everything we need to know in order to use the ancient healing modality of Reflexology in our everyday lives.

Together, we will also perform a small practical session on the face. Due to the stimulation of the acupuncture points, reflex zones of vital organs, lymphatic drainage and deep stimulation of facial muscles, the immediate effects of this treatment will be:









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